Cooperative un point un trait - Kiamukoko (early 80's soukous in Paris)


To have an idea of the mood of this bloody song, "Quelle ambiance!" repeated many times in the song means "what a great atmosphere"...

Listen to the track entirely: after the disco intro, first part is really african soul, no doubt on these rhythms and great voice (sings in lingala?), but 2nd part sounds is an irresistible dancing machine...
As it has been recorded in France ("ça vient de Paris" he sings), it is probable that the band was composed from african diaspora based in Paris (from Congo and Gabon).

Cooperative un Point un Trait - Kiamukoko:

Sec Bidens (guitar, Congo)
Sita Mbele (guitar, Gabon)
Djo (bass)
Asso Akouda (sax, vocals )
Mwamy Menghe (vocals)
Mba Wa Mba (perc)