Let's learn to play the bongos like Mr. Bongo himself


In order to play an instrument, better to take advices from the masters.
Jack Costanzo, surnamed Mr. Bongo, gives us here a real bongo lesson, with detailled explanations and examples in order to practice various rhythms (including the characteristic "martillo" -the small hammer- you'll probably recognise). It let imagine how popular were latin rhythms in the US as this record was targeting white audience (the comments sound a bit like a promotional production, but has great sampling material). Anyway, this good decomposition of the rhythm allows unfamiliars to understand it beter. Always interesting as in many cases afro-caribbean styles corresponds to a specific drum rhythm (conga, cumbia, rumba, guaguanco, bomba...). So go find your bongo, and practice the lesson with Jack Costanzo...

Jack Costanzo - Bongo instruction record (part 1):

Jack Costanzo - Bongo instruction record (part 2):

Some more Mr Bongo playing at Garden of Allah: HERE.