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Muzzicaltrips.blogspot.com  is about sharing music, musical experiences and research, vinyls dig from black atlantic trails, improbable sounds from improbable places, interesting relative data...
Muzzicaltrips explores Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and all mutual influences between these local styles. Although originally sharing a common root, theses exchanges gave birth to a variety of interconnected expressions: from rumba to cumbia, highlife to afrojazz, apala to afrobeat, biguine to mambo, merengue to soukous, jazzfunk to hiphop, mbalax to sato, reggae to calypso...
As much as possible, it tries to clarify the context of the music and the country where it was released. Indeed these popular musical productions and their evolution (result of mutual influences between Africa and American Continent) have always been linked to cultural, social, political, economical (...) context. This is especially true during the 60s and the 70s, a period representing both a real encounter of tradition and modernity during post-independance era, and also a period more intense term of exchanges, but not yet 99.smthg% culturally globalized as nowadays. Fore sure, some actual music reflecting or transforming this golden era or just receptive to it will have space in this blog.
As music can also be appreciated without any context (when it's good!) the blog also presents some content just because it fits one of these: beautiful, strange, rare, hypnotic, UFO, dancefloor,  nice cover, i like it.
I hope these humble contribution helps to enlighten, to give some curiosity and understanding, to make thin bridges, and in any case feel free to express your views, to add complementary information or corrections.
If anyone owning licence of some content posted wants it to be removed, no pb pls contact me.
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