Benga music / Daniel Owino and th DO-7 Shirati Jazz Band - Sheroline(1976)

DO7 LP3100

Nyatiti is the name of the eight-string lyre used in Luo region of Kenya (Lake Victoria area). The syncopated play of this traditional instrument inspired guitar players exploring electric instruments possibilities in the 60s, leading to a new major style in Kenya and Tanzania: Benga music.
Daniel Owino Misiani (1940-2006) was born in the Shirati region, on the Victoria Lake shore on the tanzanian side. Based in Nairobi from 1964, he was one of the principal musicians developing Benga, recording hits with Shirati Jazz Band during the 70s and 80s.

DO7 Shirati Jazz Band - Jaa (Part 1 and 2):

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Daniel Owino Misiani interview about future of Benga music: