Azuquita Y Su Orchesta - Guajiro Bacan (1975)


Vaya records is a NY based label created in 1971 as sub-label from Fania records, with a focus on latin artists and productions with soul funk and jazz orientations. Here's a good illustration with an Azuquita track full of various influences: superfunky guitar, roots afrocuban voices and drums, and  guaguanco rhythm (original song was composed by Saoco).
All is resumed in the singer's introduction: "This is the story of a guajiro, who went out the jungle searching out new horizons"

Azuquita y su orquesta - Guajiro Bacan:

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Mauricio Smith: musical director
Guillermo Edgehill: bass
Rodgers Grant: fender rhodes
Joe Beck: lead guitar
Kako: conga, bongo
Jimmy Johnson: drums
Louie Ramirez: timbales
Frankie Malabe: congas
Paul Cohen: trumpet
Barry Rogers: trombone
Adalbeto Santiago: coro, percussion
Jimmy Sabater: coro
Bobby Marin: coro, percussion
Azuquita: lead vocal