L'Orchestre Super Rail Band International (1979)

(Sacodis LS-24).
(Sacodis LS-25).

Ouedraogo Mamadou et l'Orchestre Super Rail Band International - Nong Tem Sega (LS-24):

L'Orchestre Super Rail Band International - Affair Social (LS-25):

After leaving the mythical Rail Band in 1978, Mory Kante and Djelimady Toukara, finally reached Abidjan, music capital in West Africa at the time, and recorded in 1979 these 2 masterpiecess at RTI studio. 
Both produced by Lassissi for Sacodis, first LP includes Ouedraogo Mamadou, a singer from Burkina Faso (Album's title Dioulou Koussoube is warrior form Voltaic Army). On both Dexter Johnson still plays smooth and dense (just listen to the jazzy solos!), and Tounkara's guitar is incredible. The result remains deeply rooted in mandingo culture and voices seem like calling you from far away in time and space. But the length of theses tracks allows  musicians to develop innovative sounds and arrangements which make the music unique. Additionally, quality of recording and some Cheikh Tidiane Seck's organ sounds let perceive the end of the 70s...

Dexter Johnson: 1st sax
Kabine Keita: 2nd sax
Issa Touncara: bass
Djelimady Tounkara: guitar
Djeli Moussa: guitar
Cheikh Tidiane Seck: organ
Leo: drums
Sekou: tumba
Ouedraogo Mamadou: voice
Mory Kante: 1st choir
Sekou Kante: 2nd choir