A lot to discover - Sonodisc cover

Here is a sheet from Sonodisc who distributed from 1970 african and caribeean music.
Disques Francis Bebey (Congo)
DEBS (Antilles)
Disques Esperance (Africa)
Gema (Latin) 
Imavox (US Soul PRT)
Disques Kouma (Afro Latin)
Reggae (?)
Seeco (Caribeean)
SLD (Africa)
Sonafric (Africa)
Songoi (Africa)
Sono Cairo (Egypt)
Syliphone (Guinea)
Tapecar (Brazil)
Tropical (Caribeean)
Disques vacances (Caribeean)
La Voix du Liban (Oriental)
Voice Of Stars (Oriental)
Zomba (Africa)