Musique sans paroles (SLP 54) (1976)

Let's stay around Conakry... This "Musique Sans Paroles" (music without world/lyrics) LP is not the most representative of Guinean music from the Syliphone state label from the 70s, but one of my favorites.
Among the varied and great tracks, I selected 2, first is a kind of joyfull ballad by Quintette Guinéenne (not to be mixed with Quintet Guinéen playing with Myriam Makeba) with a nice bewitching guitar melody. Then comes a wicked sounds exchange between Momo Wandel (Sourah) free jazz style saxophone and exhuberant and explosive percussions. Momo Wandel continued his musical carreer joining Circus Baobab (guinean company including acrobats and musicians) and composing original soundtracks (check the CD: “Momo Le Doyen” African BO - saphir 2007 / soundtracks of various african movies).

Quintette Guinéenne - Douga

Momo Wandel - Tam-Tam Sax

Guinean music lovers, stay around...